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  • The Course Of True Love

    Ne’er did run smooth. We have had our ups and downs Storm and I but I firmly believe we love each other. Here’s a slide show click on a picture to view in gallery.




    How lovely she is. And what an intellect. So bright my Storm. She has led a very exciting life puts mine to shame. We have shared so much about ourselves, feel I have known her for ever.

    Alas there are times when I go off the rails. So sorry. Storm has been very patient with me.  We are having a row at the moment. Me making unreasonable demands. We were happy a few days ago apart from having a sick kitty. Storm fixed him. Wonder if she can fix me? Will she be bothered? I am such hard work, maybe not worth the effort……The course of true love….What happens is I get obsessed and then the idea starts a downward spiral which is very hard to break out of. I usually have to take drugs to break out of it. I have this time I hope to god its not too late. I hope we can survive this as  I love her so. Its only a question of waiting til the drugs kick in. Oh dear please make it not too late. I want to run and hide I am such a fool. I make unreasonable demands you see. Being greedy. Can’t communicate. Send stupid emails. Oh am I worth it I wonder. No one else has lasted the course with me will it be different this time? I dunno. We have shared so much Please Storm don’t let it go. One more chance please.

    I know we can make a go of this.


    And here is a picture of Capri our dream home where we will both retire.
    oh what fun we have , please don’t go i am worth the effort. Been checking my profile every 30 minutes to see if we are still partners
    What is it with me: I get an idea in my head and like some sort of rottweiler I won’t let it go. Then when I don’t get the desired response I scream more. Then I get fixated on it and it takes over everything. At this point I am not rational and can’t be spoken to. I stopped taking my anti depressants and this has caused a change in my physical body. Body affects mind, mind affects mood. BUT I have seen this and I am back on them > Be fine tomorrow. My libido will be subjugated. Then everything will be fine again.If you will wait. Please wait.